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If you are a new player and you are just beginning to enjoy the world of online poker, you will want to become familiar with poker terms. There are many poker phrases that you will hear at the tables. If you wish to be a successful player, you will have to take some time to learn poker lingo.

Poker Terms to Learn

As you engage in online poker games, you will notice players chatting during games and using poker terminology. By learning the different poker terms, you will be able to enjoy the game completely. You will even be able to pick up some great poker tips from other players. Most of the supported poker games you find at online casino sites will have a chat feature. Especially if you are playing live poker games.

Here, we go over some of the common words and poker slang you will encounter as you begin to play. As a new player, you will benefit from playing a few free games. It’s a good way to learn the rules of each variation. As well as pick up the poker lingo that experienced players are using.

Learn Poker Terms

Poker Betting Terms

If you plan to begin playing real money games at an online poker site or online casino, you will want to become familiar with the poker terms before betting and placing wagers. These will help you understand betting options. It will also allow you to discover the bets that other players are placing.

  • Ante – This is the required bet that all players will have to place before a game can begin. The amount of the ante will vary based on table betting limits. When playing stud poker, an ante is used, but when playing any hold’em game, blinds will be used.
  • Blinds – These are the bets in hold’em games. They are mandatory bets that the first two players sitting to the left of the dealer must place.
  • All-In – If you have ever watched a poker game being played by high rollers or professionals, you will have heard the poker term all-in. This is when the player places all of their chips into the pot. That player can no longer place any more bets. A side pot will be created for any other player at the table.
  • Raise – This is when you increase the value of the bet that the player before you just placed. When you raise the bet, you are increasing the stakes for all other players.
  • Call – This is a poker term related to Draw games and refers to betting equal to another player’s bet in order to remain in the game.

Slang Terms for Poker Hands

As you are playing, you may notice some players referring to the rank of their hand using poker slang. You will want to become familiar with these poker terms. You will surely encounter them as you play more hands and become a better player.

  • Pocket Rockets – This is the slang term for holding a pair of aces. Some other terms that refer to the same hand include American Airlines, Snake Eyes, Two Pips, Teepees, and Alan Alda.
  • Cowboy – This is a hand that has a pair of Kings and can also be called Gorillas, King Kong, and Ace Magnets.
  • Big Slick – This combination includes an and a king.

Texas Hold’em Terminology

Poker terms can vary based on what game variation you are playing. If you are looking to play hold’em games, you will want to learn all the terms that are said at the table. Most of these poker phrases are easy to understand. Yet there are some Texas Hold’em poker terms that you will definitely want to understand before you begin playing any real money games.

  • Hole Cards – These are the first two cards that are dealt face down
  • The Flop – Refers to the stage of the game where the next three cards are dealt face-up on the table
  • The Turn – This is the fourth card on the table
  • The River – Refers to the fifth card

Tournament Terms

You will find that the best online sites will host a variety of tournaments that can be entered. These can provide you with the chance to play against some of the best players in the poker world. Before you hit the tables in tournament play, you will want to make sure you understand the poker terminology being used in these events.

  • Add-on – This refers to additional chips that players can purchase during the tournament, allowing them to stay in the game.
  • Sit and Go – A type of poker tournament that starts when a certain number of players have entered. There is no specific starting time for these tournaments.
  • Bounty – This is the prize money that a player will get for taking the entire stack of chips from another player in a single hand.
  • Buy-in – The cost to enter a tournament
  • Freeroll – These are tournaments that have no fee to enter. They can be played by anyone and while they offer a smaller payout, they are a great starting point for any new poker player.

Take Advantage of Free Games to Learn Lingo

The best way to become familiar with the poker terms being used is to engage in free play games. Here, you can take all the time you need to learn the rules of the game. Pick up strategies from other players and learn all the common poker phrases. Since there is no monetary risk when playing free poker games, you will not lose any money but will gain a wealth of knowledge.

Remember, online poker is now legal in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Nevada!

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